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Are you going to 32C3?

Yes. (8.4%)

Probably. (3.7%)

No. (31.8%)

I have no clue what you're talking about. (56.1%)

Total votes: 107
Date added: 2015-10-28



To quote the
Download (1,06 MB) - v1.10

John the Ripper

A good DES cracker
Download (762,71 KB) - v1.6 (windows)


For cracking hashes like MD5.
Download (78,63 KB) - v1.2

Cavaj Java Decompiler

Name says it all :)
Download JDec.rar (406,14 KB) - 1.11


Local HTTP proxy with some very useful functionality.
Download (1,08 MB) - Naoko 4.5j


I've put Polycrypt back online. I removed it earlier because the project was discontinued and not finished, but because some people still ask for it, here it is again. It can do: ASCII shift, Vigenere, Base64, Substitution, URL-encoding, XOR-crypt, ASCII-bin and Morse.

Created by softsnake and goliath.
Download (1,18 MB)

Net-Force Tools (Firefox Extension)

This extension adds some of the functionality of the Tools to your right-click menu in Firefox. Just select some text on a webpage, right click on it and you can do the following actions on the text:
  • ASCII <-> Hex
  • ASCII <-> Binary
  • Base64 encode/decode
  • Javascript escape/unescape
  • MD5 hash
  • SHA1 hash

More functionality will probably be added later on, this is still a beta and test version.

[Install extension] [Screenshot1] [Screenshot2]

Download nftools/nftools.xpi (16,73 KB) - 0.1.1