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Date added: 2015-10-28

Anti-spambot e-mail encoder

This hasn't got anything to do with solving challenges, just thought it could be useful for some people.

» Description

Spambots search / crawl the web for e-mail addresses to send you crap. For webmasters there are different ways to show an e-mail address on a web page, while hiding the address for spambots. For example, you can display a picture with the address on it, instead of the html link.

The script below uses two different ways to hide an e-mail address from spambots. First of all, it encodes the text to HTML entities. The browser displays these entities without a problem, but many spambots are fooled by this. The 'Less simple' and 'Heavy' way also use Javascript to hide the '<a href="mailto:">' tag and split up the e-mail address, so a spambot won't even detect it is a link.

Summary of methods:

HTML Entities
Less simple
HTML Entities, Javascript
HTML Entities, Javascript, Split up

» Input

Level of encoding:

View a part of the source so you can run the script yourself, if you don't trust entering your e-mail address on this page for some reason. Feel free to use the code on your own website.

This tool is still a bit under construction. I've never tested the effect on spambots, but I'm not aware of any spambot that can handle these 'encodings', so it should work :)