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What's your main OS?

Windows (63.7%)

Linux (25.5%)

Mac OS X (9.2%)

*BSD (0.4%)

Something else (1.2%)

Total votes: 919
Date added: 2011-01-08


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Shellshock: setting the internet on fire.
Posted by soulslayer - Thu Sep 25 2014 @ 22:06
Cat: BugsThe internet is on fire again.

As of today, a new exploit is roaming the internet, with some calling it worse than Heartbleed. This new vulnerability exploits a bug in the well-known and widely used software Bash.
Exposed systems/software include webservers running in CGI mode, network services, daemons (if they use a shellscript with ENV variables).

Details comprising this bug can be found:
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New challenge added: Secure Extension
Posted by soulslayer - Sun Aug 3 2014 @ 21:58
Cat: Net-ForceTo show my good intentions: here's a new challenge, Secure Extension!

This type of vulnerability has been know for quite some time now and I think it's a nice thing to know and learn about.
Brute-forcing a little bit is part of the challenge, but shouldn't require hundreds of requests.

Tested by Matt_X and tehron, thanks for all the feedback guys!

- soulslayer
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Fixing the challenges
Posted by soulslayer - Sun Jul 27 2014 @ 13:22
Cat: Net-ForceTo get this site and the challenges working again, I invite you to post in the bug fixing thread in the general NF forum.

If you have cool challenge ideas, I gladly point you to the challenge submission page under [Challenges] ->[Submit Challenge].
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Account registration reopened!
Posted by soulslayer - Sun Jul 6 2014 @ 18:44
Cat: Net-ForceAs of now the account registrations are reopened, after being offline for quite some time now. I've implemented reCaptcha as an anti-bot countermeasure as a first fix.

As some of you might have noticed, I have gotten access in order to fix the site and resuscitate it. I thank BasTijs, Marijn and Ilias for the followup on my request and I thank Marijn for the trust.

I'm still catching up on the code, but I'll be looking in the forums and this post for bugs and / or feature requests.

- soulslayer
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Posted by ilias - Tue Mar 8 2011 @ 14:36
Cat: WhitehatThe main aim of the HITBSecConf conference series is to create a truly technical and deep knowledge event in order to allow you to learn first hand on the security threats you face in todays super connected world. The HITBSecConf platform is used to enable the dissemination, discussion and sharing of critical network security information. Presented by respected members of both the mainstream network security arena as well as the underground or black hat community, our events routinely highlight new and ground-breaking attack and defense methods that have not been seen or discussed in public before. Our conferences are held annually in Dubai (UAE), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and now Amsterdam in The Netherlands!
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Bot attacks Linux and Mac but can't lock down its booty
Posted by ilias - Sat Jan 29 2011 @ 22:01 - Source: The Register
Cat: BlackhatSymantec: a trojan that targets Windows, Mac, and Linux computers contains gaping security vulnerabilities that allow rival criminal gangs to commandeer the infected machines.

Known as Trojan.Jnanabot, or alternately as OSX/Koobface.A or trojan.osx.boonana.a, the bot made waves in October when researchers discovered its Java-based makeup allowed it to attack Mac and Linux machines, not just Windows PCs as is the case with most malware. Once installed, the trojan components are stored in an invisible folder and use strong encryption to keep communications private.
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